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 We are open for "no-contact" visits only. Please scroll down below to see what that means.

We can be reached at 480-210-5177.
*Please note that we cannot receive txt messages at the above number.*

Keep in mind that we tend to remain booked 4-6 weeks in advance. 

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What is our "No-CONTACT" Protocol?

-We are asking you to assist us with implementing NO-CONTACT visits by requesting that you place your pet(s) in a crate, carrier, or in the backyard once the stylist communicates that they have arrived.
-Please expect our stylist to show up with gloves and masks.
 -We have provided all of our stylists with hand sanitizer and instructions to use it both before and after each groom, before they go to the door, and after they leave. This is in addition to frequently washing their hands throughout the day.
-We will be supporting any stylist in staying home from work should s/he begins to show any symptoms of illness. We will not send them out to groom any pets until any and all symptoms are gone.
-Additionally, if paperwork is required for the grooming services we ask that you complete all forms on your own electronic device in advance to the stylist arriving for the appointment. You will know if paperwork is required as you will receive it via email the day before your appointment or when the stylist calls to say s/he is on the way.

-In regards to returning your pet(s) to you, this will be done in the same manner that we received them. Payment will be collected via phone call, cash left at the door, or by using a credit card left on file.

-No services will be offered to senior living facilities until further notice.

When will it end?

We do not have a date on this one. Currently, this protocol is indefinite to keep our staff and clients as safe as possible.

 Please check out our Prices tab for prices by breed and service requested.

Our pets are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole. They make us laugh and give us great joy. The are dependable and loyal and have a lot to teach us too. At Arizona's Pet Stylist we aim to lead the way and demonstrate the highest standards and best practices within the grooming industry. We are as passionate about pet care as you are about your pets and we promise to always provide your cherished pets with love and safekeeping while they are in our care.  
Furthermore, we come to you! You will never have to load your canine/feline friend into the car and leave him/her at the groom shop for hours again.

We offer mobile pet grooming over the Southeast Valley. 

We Proudly Service:
Gilbert, Chandler, Mesa, Apache Junction, Tempe, Sun Lakes, Ahwatukee and Surrounding Foothills, Queen Creek, San Tan Valley, Southeast Phoenix, and Old Town Scottsdale.
mobile pet groomer

We provide mobile cat & dog grooming. 
All of our mobile dog grooming services whether Bath and Brush or a Full Groom include:
    mobile pet groomer, AZ
  • Blueberry Facial
  • Basic Teeth Cleaning
  • Nail Trimming and Filing
  • Ear Cleaning with the option of Plucking *Ear plucking is known to cause ear infections in certain dogs and conversely prevent ear infections in others. Because of this Ear Plucking is per request only but can be added at no extra cost. Please make sure to let your groomer know if ear plucking is desired.
  • Bath
  • Skin/Coat Conditioner
  • Brush Out
  • Blow Dry
  • Any necessary Shed-less Treatment
  • Hair Cut - this service is what determines the difference between a Bath and Brush or a Full Groom. A hair cut is included in a Full Groom but not in a Bath and Brush. A  Bath and Brush does still include trimming of the face, feet, and sanitary.
  • Looking for something to make your pet's experience more like a relaxing day at the spa? We are now offering Aromatherapy with every service for the low add on cost of $5 per pet. 
cat grooming  cat groomer scottsdale, AZ

    Please check out our prices tab for more information on our mobile cat grooming services.
    **Please check out the More Info tab for detailed information about our services and mobile units.**
    mobile cat groomer queen creek, az

    Office Hours:
    Monday - Friday 9 am - 4:30 pm 
    closed daily between 12pm and 1pm for lunchcat grooming

    Grooming Hours:
    Monday - Saturday 7:00 am - 4:30 pm
    Please keep in mind that we give one-hour arrival windows for all of our pet grooming appointments.

    Ever wondered how to, or simply need to, trim your own dog's nails? Below you will find some free tips, Courtesy of Kathrine Breeden, professional Animal Behavior Consultant:

    Nail Trimming can be tricky!! Many dogs hate it – this is the result of poor handling as puppies. How can we help them get through this process with less stress & conflict? Here’s some ideas:

    • Give the dog a constant “stream” of food DURING the process – never after (that will make the dog want you to hurry up and be done with the process so he can get his treats. The yummy stuff should be paired with the process, i.e. toe nail clipping = yummy treats). Ideas for food to use:

    1. Large hotdog fed slowly throughout the process
    2.  Peanut butter/cream cheese (mixed with something fishy is even better) spread on a chopping board and let the dog lick it off
    3. A frosting bag filled with canned wet food and squeeze it out slowly & continuously  
    4.  Costco’s Italian Meatballs – they come frozen so you can just defrost them as you need them and dogs love ‘em!

    • Spritz them with lavender oil diluted 1:10 with water or just dab it directly onto the inside of their ears.
    • Always start with the back foot. With the big dogs, let them stand and have somebody hold the leash (attached to a harness rather than a collar preferably), as if you were shoeing a horse.
    •   If the dog really hates the whole process in spite of all this then you first need to work on desensitizing the dog to having his feet handled – lots of “touch and treat” before the next trim.
    • You don’t have to trim all four feet at the same time. If you can do one successfully then do so and give the dog a break before starting the next foot. I know this isn’t the ideal thing but it’s a worthwhile investment in the future!
    • With the small dogs either hold them in your arms or let them stand on a table if they’re co-operative.
    • Use a Thundershirt – www.thundershirt.com  Note: Thundershirt will refund your money if you feel it didn’t work for your dog. Details are on the website.

     Feel free to check out more FREE tips on Kathrine's facebook page at:


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    Sandeep said...

    Initially I had ignored grooming my dog but when I realized i, I started to bath him and cut his nail and hair regularly.

    Raven rayes said...

    What a great group of people!! Everyone is just so nice and treat your dogs like their own, I never worry about my fur babies' when they go. They always come home looking great with new haircuts and tired out from a fun day at the "AZ Pet Stylist" ! I cant imagine taking them any other place!

    Check out this short Video!!

    Check out this Video on Nail Trimming - Lots of great ideas you can try at home!