Above is one quick streamed mix of a typical grooming/spa treatment at Arizona's Pet Stylist. Below you can check out more detailed short video clips of different parts of the grooming session.

We automatically include Teeth Gel, Nail Filing, Coat/Skin Conditioner, and Blueberry Facial!

Your pet can see their home from our mobile units. The sides even open up on most of our units so they can feel completely at ease
We as pet professionals will only open up the sides if it proves advantageous to the pet. If the pet is a flight risk or we are in the midst of the summer heat this option is not available.

 Parents are even welcome to watch from the comfort of their own house or stand outside with their furry family member in the instance of any special needs pets. Unfortunately, pet parents are not allowed inside the mobile unit during the grooming process.

Introduction and Preping

Bath time and Teeth Cleaning!

Time to Blow Dry

Who wants a Haircut?

Below is a video with both Ashley and I working together to groom Regan, a wonderful and handsome Shepard mix.

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Check out this short Video!!

Check out this Video on Nail Trimming - Lots of great ideas you can try at home!