Cat Owners


If you are a cat owner looking to have your feline family member groomed there are some things we would like to mention first:

  • Our cat stylist are professionals and we expect them to use their knowledge and experience in all situations but especially when it comes to cats. 
Why do we say this? 
Being a cat owner I am sure you know: cats rule the roost. 
Grooming can sometimes be a rather stressful situation for our cat family members. Our stylists are all trained to know what the signs of stress are and what actions to take to minimize the possibility for stress during grooming. We as pet lovers and professionals always have the pet's safety and well being in mind first, thus if in the process of grooming your feline family member the stylist determines that his/her stress level is getting to high s/he will not continue. Of course that means you will only be charged for the services that have been completed, but more importantly you can rest assured that your fur baby is in the hands of an individual that has put your kitty's well being as top priority. 

  • In addition, when it comes to our kitty clients we always make sure to give you a phone call when we are on the way to your home. 
Why do we do this?
It is all to easy for those feline family members to disappear underneath a bed, behind the couch, or somewhere they cannot be found as soon as they hear the mobile unit drive up. Because of this we ask that when we do call you prepare by placing the cat in a specific room or in a cat carrier so that we can make the grooming process as smooth as possible.
Often times if we drive up and time has to be spent getting Mr. Cuddles out from under the bed that has already set things off to a bad start as that in itself can stress out Mr. Cuddles unduly. 
**Beyond that there is an additional service fee of $25 for every extra 20-30 minutes spent on site outside of the time required to complete the grooming.**

In addition, if we schedule an appointment but the stylist is unable to groom Mr. Cuddles for any reason:

  •  from an inability to find or catch him 
  • to an inability to groom your fur kid due to him getting to stressed
  • or the situation simply being unsafe due to the fact that he doesn't tolerate the handling necessary to be groomed safely
There is a $30 trip charge for the stylist having come by to give it her best shot. Please note that we want what is best for your fur kids and should this be the case the stylist can give recommendations on what direction to take from here to get Mr. Cuddles groomed if necessary.

What grooming services do we offer for Cats?

The grooming service for a cat automatically includes nail trimming and ear cleaning. The remainder of what we do depends on which service you decide on.  What we offer for cats can include any of the following mixture (your choice): bath, brush out, blow dry, and/or hair cut.
Please see below for prices based on what services you are looking for.

Dry shave (without bath)
Haircut including bath
Bath and brush only
Brush out only

Furthermore, we would love to introduce you to Jane Ehrlich: Feline Behaviorist.

She has spent time with our team enhancing our knowledge and we love her. IF your feline family members are exhibiting behaviors you don't understand or you simply want to understand them more, give Jane a ring. She has an amazing wealth of knowledge when it comes to cats and can really help you and your feline fur kid have a happier home.

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"There are no cat problems, just solutions waiting to be found!  

I’m not a cat ‘psychic’ nor ‘healer'. I’m a trained behaviorist who understands and works with their psychology and personalities, and loves to continually learn about — and from — them. Jane 

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Professionally trained and over 27 years of experience.
Based in Arizona but I help clients worldwide. 
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