All new clients will receive a $5  discount at their first appointment when they mention this article at time of payment.

Other Discounts:

Multiple Pet Discount - In most cases you will receive $5 off for each additional pet groomed at the same appointment (This does not apply to nail trims.) The discount increases to $10 per pet when 4-5 pets are being groomed at the same location. See the chart below for exact discounts based on the number of pets in the household.

Number of Dogs
Discount to be Given $$

*Multiple-Pet Discounts apply to any and all appointments where more than one pet is scheduled to be groomed at the same appointment time and same location.
*For any owners with more than 6 dogs the discount decreases back to $5 per pet for the 6th pet and up.

Maintenance Program

This program is applicable to all fur kids who need grooming on a regular basis and allows customers to focus their concerns on other life situations because their pets are already taken care of.


·         10-15% OFF all Full Groom, Bath and Tidy, or Nail trim services

·         FREE Aromatherapy Service

·         Automatic reservations held in a time and space that fits your schedule

·         Decreased hair and debris around the home

·         Peace of mind knowing your pet is being looked over snout to tail by a pet care professional on a regular basis

Enrollment Qualifications:

·         Open to all pets that receive grooming services every 3 weeks or more often.

·         Prepayment for services in 6 or 12 month increments.

·         6 month prepayment= 10% OFF

·         12 month prepayment = 15% OFF

How do you sign up? 

Simply contact our office or talk to your stylist today!

Referral Discount - for every new client referred to Arizona's Pet Stylist you can receive an extra $5 off your next appointment. The more referrals the more $$ off. This discount is applied once your referral has had their first appointment with our company.

Review Discount  - Any current client who post a review on Angie's list, Kudzu, Google, Yelp, or any other listing my ad can be found will receive $5 off their next service. If you post on more than one site you can receive a discount for each review posted. This discount is limited to one $5 coupon per site posted. (In other words, posting more than 1 review on the same site qualifies you for only 1 discount. However, posting 1 review on Google and 1 review on Yelp qualifies you for 2 discounts, or $10 off)  

**These discount only applies to those pets getting full service grooms.**

For all Discounts PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE tell your groomer at the time of payment if you have done any of the above things. We are pretty good at keeping track but we aren't perfect. If we don't automatically give you the discount say something!

Check out this short Video!!

Check out this Video on Nail Trimming - Lots of great ideas you can try at home!