Pet CPR & First Aid

According to the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) 1-out-of-4 more pets would survive, if just one pet first aid technique was applied prior to getting emergency veterinary care.

PetTech is the first international training center dedicated to CPR, First Aid & Care for dogs and cats.

"Preventable Accidents Are The Leading
Cause of Death & Disability Among Pre-Senior Dogs and Cats." 
Thom Somes, "The Pet Safety Guy™"

There are 2 different class options listed below. 
The 8 hour class is the Pet Saver Course and an outlined description of all the material covered in the course can been seen by simply scrolling further down on this page. 
The 5 hour classes covers CPR and First Aid for our canine and feline family members.

Pet Saver, CPR, First Aid and Care Class: $120
8 hour course
They are every other month on Friday's from 9am to 5pm.
Click on the dates below to sign up!

 Pet CPR & First Aid Class: $90
5 hour course
These are every other month on Saturday from 9am to 2pm
Click on the dates below to sign up!

No classes currently scheduled.

Payment for each class can be made online through the link below or directly following online registration above.

You can also contact me directly to schedule a class for your team.
Classes with a minimum of 4 participants can be scheduled at a time and location of your choosing. 

PetSaver™ Program


Our PetSaver Program is an eight hour course that will cover the following topics. Additionally, the class includes our PetSaver handbook, and upon successful completion each participant will receive a certificate.
The PetSaver™ Program covers the following topics:

Skill: Restraining & Muzzling
"Any pet that is in pain or is going to be moved into pain, can and will bite."
PetSaver Handbook
Hands-on Skill Practice

Skill: Primary Assessment
"In the first 12 seconds of you being on the scene you will know what
to do and what actions to take." PetSaver Handbook
Hands-on Skill Practice

Skill: Rescue Breathing
"The pet patient has a heartbeat but is not breathing when assessed after the first 2 minutes of CPR"
PetSaver Handbook
Hands-on Skill Practice

Skill: Canine & Feline CPR
"The pet patient is not breathing, call for help and begin CPR."
PetSaver Handbook
Hands-on Skill Practice

Skill: Choking Management
Conscious Choking, Unconscious Choking (Witnessed & Found)
Hands-on Skill Practice

Skill: Bleeding & Shock Management
Restraint, Muzzle, Elevation, Direct Pressure, Constricting Hand/Band,
Immobilization, Shock Management & Transportation.
Hands-on Skill Practice

Skill: Snout-To-Tail Assessment for Injury & Wellness
"A deliberate and systematic assessment from the snout to the tail of the pet with intent and purpose looking for any injuries the pet does not present to you or for wellness to create a base-line of your pet's health."
Hands-on Skill Practice

Skill: Assessing the Pet's Vitals
"If you know what is normal for your pet then you will be able to quickly
recognize when your pet is presenting not-normal."
Hands-on Skill Practice

Handbook: Pet First Aid Kit Contents
Equipment & Supplies for Putting Together Your Own Pet First Aid Kit

Lecture: Insect Bites & Stings and Snakebite
Definition, Causes, Signs & Actions For Survival

Lecture: Heat & Cold Injuries
Definition, Causes, Signs & Actions For Survival

Lecture: Seizure
Definition, Causes, Signs & Actions For Survival

Lecture: Caring For Your Senior Pet-izen
Senior Pet-izen Care, Signs & Symptoms, Risk Factors & Euthanasia


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